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Winter Clinics



Munchkins (Red Ball)

4-5 years old
This gives our youngsters a chance to get to know the tennis court better. It stresses hand and eye coordination with FUN games to play. FUN is the key as an introduction to tennis for these youngsters!
Monday and/or Wednesday, 4:30 - 5:30 PM


Red Ball

6-8 years old
A 36 foot court used with this age group. Hand and eye coordination and technique are the main focus with the use of softer tennis balls. Children will be able to experience fun and success immediately because of the equipment designed for this age group. 
Monday and/or Wednesday, 4:30 - 5:30 PM


KTA Orange Ball Class

7-10 years old
A 60 foot court is used with low compression orange balls. Stroke development and strategy introduction is the main focus of this class. Many game-based drills are featured in this class. 
Tuesday and/or Thursday, 4:45 - 5:30 PM


KTA Middle School Class

This class is aimed primarily for Middle School aged students still learning the fundamentals of tennis or wanting a place to start their tennis career.  This class is a great place for any beginner and intermediate middle school player to improve on their game. The class will be divided by ability so players can work with players similar to them. Stroke development and strategy introduction are the main focuses of this class. Many game-based drills will also be featured.   
Tuesday and/or Thursday, 5:30 - 6:30 PM


KTA High School Class

This class is for someone who is very focused on improving their tennis game and match training. It will consist of competitive training, conditioning and drilling. This class will be an opportunity to improve strategy, technique and match skills. It is geared towards the high school varsity player and JV players working on climbing their team's ladder.  
Tuesday and/or Thursday, 6:30 - 7:30 PM



We understand that high-level tournament play is not everyone's goal in tennis. For some, playing high school tennis and even at the state tournament is their ultimate goal. This pathway will not be "easier," or have less instruction. We are proud of the results that our non-USTA tournament players have been able to achieve at state over the last few years and we expect that this pathway would continue this tradition in a fun and hard-working environment. This clinic will be an opportunity to improve strategy, technique and match skills and will consist of competitive drills. This clinic is geared towards upper JV high school players looking to climb their team's ladder and for middle school players with USTA tournament experience.
Tuesday and/or Thursday, 6:30 - 7:30 PM


Performance Pathway

The performance pathway is designed for those yellow ball players that are routinely playing yellow ball USTA tournaments across the state and sectional levels. We want to reward those making a commitment by creating a group for like-minded players. Players with similar goals and experience (ability) levels in the same class will help players push each other to new levels of success. The class will be limited to 16 players. If more than 16 players sign up, the players allowed into the class will be determined by high school coaches, season results, as well as input from the teaching professionals.

Our plan is to have our future class structure be based off of a player's UTR (Universal Tennis Rating). The UTR number is a rating, between 1.00 and 16.50, which indicates a player's level of play. UTRs are results-based & are calculated using the last 30 matches within the last year. The main factors are a percentage of games won and the opponent's rating. Everyone that plays USTA fits on this scale.

What we like about the UTR is that it is not a ranking, but a rating. Quite often rankings are based on the number of tournaments that you can travel to which can be a financial and time strain. UTR is based on who you play, and how you play them, so you can get an accurate UTR much quicker than you can an accurate USTA ranking. One of the things we like most about using UTR is that it is objective. A player's hard work and results will speak for themselves. 

Tuesday and/or Thursday, 6:30 - 7:30 PM


If you are unsure about which level is right for you, please talk to Troy Saulsbury (338-0911).  KTA professionals reserve the right to place tennis players in the appropriate clinic.

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